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IKON Business Group (IBG) is a 20-year-old premium IT consulting company focused on providing small to mid-size businesses with customized technology solutions and personalized support.

IBG’s Mission

To maximize an organization’s value by providing them with the proper information technology infrastructure and solutions that supports their goals and priorities.

Company Vision

To become the leading full service provider of comprehensive technology services that enable small- to medium-sized businesses to increase their revenues and market share.

Corporate Strategy

IBG focuses on understanding a company’s business needs to create a technology plan that supports their objectives. We are driven by providing cost-effective IT solutions that allows businesses to increase profits and reduce expenses. Although IBG is an IT company, we are driven by solving business problems for our customers such as: business continuity, scalability and capacity, disaster planning, and productivity improvements.

Core Strengths

IBG’s core strength is our dedication to customer service. IBG has adopted NPS (Net Service Promoter Scoring) as the foundation of our customer service. This means that customer service is not just a marketing exercise, but a core product of our operations. Service orders are not closed until the customer is satisfied. Our employees are not just compensated based upon their technology skills, but on how much our customers are satisfied by their service. Our goal is to make every customer a an IBG promoter and make them feel beyond satisfied with our service.

Management Team

Ken Nero – CEO

Tynika Bostick – CFO/COO

Durwin Babb – CTO