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Disaster Recovery & Compliance

IBG was originally founded by providing IT services for Citibank and its internal business units. We have over 15 years experience providing service to the financial industry. Disaster recovery has long been a source of frustration for financial firms. In the past, the only choice for organizations was to setup identical systems in their contingency sites to meet compliance mandates, often resulting in exorbitant costs and wasted resources. Unfortunately, many firms decided to completely neglect their DR strategy as a result. With the current financial climate becoming more regulated firms, financial firms are forced to pay more attention to their disaster planning and compliance needs. IBG’s Cloud DR solutions are designed to provide a cost effective solution for small- to mid-size financial services firms.

Cloud Archiving & Compliance

Through a technology partnership with Global Relay Communications Inc., we offer our customers an industry leading message archiving and compliance solution as part of our commitment to delivering best of breed professionally managed services. Whether communicating with suppliers, clients, or employees, email and instant messaging (IM) have become principal business tools. Retention and management of these records is essential to protect your company’s intellectual capital. Global Relay’s Message Archiver provides secure, off-site message archiving and long-term storage with online access. An authentic copy of all incoming, internal and outgoing hosted exchange email & attachments, IM, e-fax, Bloomberg, Reuters, Blackberry and any imported legacy email, is captured, replicated and unified in the Message Archiver for rapid web-based search, retrieval & monitoring. Our partnership with Global Relay allows us to offer the following:

  • Compliance with stringent audit rules (SEC, NASD, IDA, HIPAA, SOX, FRCP, privacy)
  • WORM back-up with write-verification ensures message integrity & authenticity
  • Unified online search, retrieval, monitoring & audit tools for policy enforcement
  • Advanced dual encryption to ensure privacy, confidentiality, and non-disclosure
  • Full audit trails & reports on email history