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The Challenge: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Many organizations are making the strategic decision to allow workers to bring their own devices (i.e. tablets, laptops, and smartphones) into the workplace to increase productivity and reduce costs. While providing many benefits, this strategy also presents some significant challenges. Forinstance, how do you secure the workplace from viruses, data theft, and hackers? And how do you support all of the different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Apple IOS, Android, Etc.) and applications?

The Solution: IBG Cloud Desktop

Using a technology powered by Windows 2012r2, IBG Cloud Desktop gives your employees the flexibility to work from anywhere while seamlessly accessing their corporate desktop and applications from a range of devices. The features and unified management infrastructure delivers a personalized, consistent, and secure user experience while improving compliance through centralized control and access to confidential data. Whether it’s a single application or file, or an entire desktop, the IBG Cloud Desktop solution provides easy access to these resources on any device.

Some of the business challenges IBG Cloud Desktop solves include:

  • Disaster Recovery – Workers can now work from anywhere, even when the physical office is inaccessible.
  • Scalability – Easily grow or contract your IT infrastructure without having purchasing and housing additional equipment.
  • Cash Flow Management – Avoid additional hardware and software purchases by deploying IBG Cloud Desktop on-demand at a predictable monthly cost.