IBG Secure Cloud File Sharing

Access Your Files from Anywhere

Users want access to their files from anywhere and from any device. Businesses want protection from intellectual property theft but want to enforce a collaborative environment for their team. Network drive shares are dead! IBG’s file sharing platform allows your business to share files securely and collaboratively. No more unauthorized Box.com or DropBox installs. Even if you don’t already have a cloud technology environment, we can help setup your own file sharing server for your organization and put total control back into your hands. You can store files, contacts and even calendar items on our platform.

Business Challenges presented by not having a scalable secure file sharing platform…

  • Loss of Productivity

    Productivity is lost when your team can’t work from anywhere or when they suffer from slow VPN connections.

  • Increased IT Costs

    IT costs increase as skilled network administrators are required to operate servers.

  • Loss of Intellectual Property

    Users can copy valuable company data to a thumb drive or email to themselves without the consent and knowledge of management.

  • Dilution of Company's Brand

    Millennials want the flexibility to work from anywhere using their own devices. Companies that don’t adapt to this new generation of workers will be left behind.

  • Access from my documents  
  • Share files with team members located anywhere  
  • Sync with any mobile device or tablet 
  • Granular permission setting from just allowing a person to read files to complete control  
  • Versioning of files  
  • Log of file access and changes 
  • Access from web browser  
  • Active directory integration  
  • Network drive integration  
  • External storage integration  
  • Anti-virus scanning  
  • First we sit down and understand your file sharing and permission hierarchy  
  • We install our file sharing client on all required devices  
  • Permission and file sharing is setup  
  • That’s it, you’re all set!