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Reduce WAN Costs and Add Additional Bandwidth with FatPipe SD-WAN Services from IKON

Who is FatPipe?

FatPipe Networks is the inventor and multi-patent holder of software-defined, hybrid wide area networking, widely known as SD-WAN. IKON is proud to partner with the world’s most innovative creator of WAN redundancy technology and router clustering to empower our clients with a proven technology that enables high-speed data transfer.


SD-WAN offers clients the option to reduce their WAN costs and add additional bandwidth at the same time, providing an elegant solution that gives administrators great flexibility in improving the efficiency of their networks while reducing overall costs and enhancing security.

Is FatPipe SD-WAN Right for Your Organization?

FatPipe SD-WAN is perfect for companies that require redundancy and dynamic load balancing for outbound Internet traffic.

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  • Automatic and dynamic failover provide a seamless transition for business critical activities
  • Easy deployment of applications in the data center, remote premise, the cloud, or a disaster recovery site
  • Failover for applications based on WAN metrics such as packet loss, packet delay, and jitter to maximizing application experience
  • MPSec technology ensures VoIP calls don’t drop in the event of a network connection failure or brown out
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  • Maximum flexibility with any combination of access into the WAN, including legacy MPLS connections, dedicated Internet circuits, broadband, and satellite connections
  • Data caching and compression that can easily be turned on for specific applications and locations
  • Centrally managed WAN services to reduce cost of network management, decoupling the network from application delivery
  • Reduced network cost and bandwidth congestion
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  • Patented selective encryption technology steers private corporate traffic over a combination of MPLS and encrypted tunnels while routing local internet traffic directly to the Internet.
  • Built in DDoS protection to mitigate external attacks
  • AES, 3DES and SHA1, MD5 authentication algorithms, pending FIPS140-2 certification
  • Standard encryption with IPSec and GRE encapsulation compatible with other third-party security appliances
  • Import RSA, X.509 certificates for maintaining tunnel security and integrity
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  • Hybrid WAN, multi-carrier connectivity increases network reliability up to 99.99998%
  • Dynamic load balancing, Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Specific thresholds and algorithms used to optimize path selection for each application based on real time WAN metrics like latency, packet loss, jitter, and bandwidth.
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  • Ability to support an array of mission critical applications such as VoIP, video conferencing, ERP/CRM, collaboration applications and email
  • Improved connection quality for VPN, remote desktops and thin clients
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“In the past, when one of our primary ISPs went down, we had a variety of problems, the worst being a complete loss of Internet connectivity, the least being the loss of incoming e-mail. We realized that as we start offering more content outside of our (local area) network, we had to have some kind of automatic failover. Only FatPipe offered a solution that is easy to implement and does not require using the same ISP.”

– Michael D. Collins, MIS Director

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