Managed Services

Proactive IT Support

The days of the break/fix IT service model are in the past. Todayu2019s business technology demands proactive IT support. SMBs rely on technology as much as (if not more than) enterprise organizations to conduct their daily operations. Every minute of downtime equals lost revenue. IBGu2019s managed services are designed to allow your IT system to run at top level at all times.nnThe first step in IBGu2019s methodology involves installing a software application on all of the computers and equipment on your network that allows us to constantly monitor the state of your IT infrastructure. Our engineers are alerted any time an issue arises, and a ticket is automatically opened on your behalf. We often identify and correct issues before the customer is even aware of them. Our engineering team will have remote access to your system to facilitate immediate remediation. But for security reasons, our customers are always notified before a remote session is initiated.nnA key part of keeping your systems up-to-date is applying routine software and hardware updates. IBGu2019s managed services automatically incorporate scheduled patching combined with the ability to roll back updates in case any issue arises. Our engineering team proactively maintains your IT environment 24/7.nn

Here’s a full picture of how our support services work…

  • Agent Technology
  • Audit and Inventory
  • Monitoring
  • Remote Access
  • Service Desk
  • Info Center
  • Patch Management
  • Ticketing
  • Desktop Policy Management
  • Desktop Migration
  • Backup
  • Antivirus