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9 Ways Schools Can go Green for the Environment

9 Ways Schools Can Go Green

There’s been a renewed focus on how schools and other large organizations interact with the environment. There are many teachers, students and families who prefer to know that their school is making an effort to become more eco-friendly. While it’s great for attracting new students, putting your school on the path to a greener and cleaner future is the best way to stay environmentally conscious. Don’t know where to start? Try out these nine easy methods for a greener learning environment. 

  1. Avoid using paper for internal communications, and go digital wherever it makes sense.
  2. Analyze your school’s current consumption and waste management practices and make adjustments where needed.
  3. Partner with environmentally conscious community organizations and vendors so all of your processes will be as green as possible. 
  4. Find and apply for grants that offer financial support for green-school initiatives. There are lots of opportunities out there.
  5. Go beyond the basic blue bucket and make your recycling receptacle stand out, or keep things super organized with a recycling station, complete with colorful bins clearly labeled for paper, plastic bottles, cans, and cardboard. The easier and more fun recycling is, the more students (and staff) will want to join in.
  6. Whether it’s recycling, installing energy-efficient lighting, or switching to earth-friendly cleaning products, find out what students and their parents care about most. Send out a quick survey.
  7. Reuse last year’s supplies. Set out a box on clean-out day and ask students and parents to throw unwanted items like half-used crayons, colored pencils, and notebooks in it. Either utilize them next school year or donate them.
  8. Pull together stats and information to help everyone realize how beneficial a green school can be. Let everyone know the impact an entire school can make on the environment.

Everyone is motivated by victory, so don’t shy away from bragging about progress whenever possible—the weekly newsletter, school assemblies, social media, or however your school communicates. Excitement is contagious, so the more you can get people talking about positive changes, the better.