You Need an IT Provider Who Specializes in K-12 Technology Needs

We have been servicing the K-12 education market for ten years with a specific emphasis on meeting the needs of Charter Schools, Independent Schools, and Private Daycare Centers. IBG engineers have a wealth of experience working with schools of all sizes.

6 Reasons You Should Choose IKON

  • We invest in the same communities as our K-12 schools

    IKON hires from the communities we serve - which makes hiring us an investment into your students and their families.

  • We provide hand-holding services on-site, not just remote support

    - We offer personalized services such as on-site support for teachers and staff and Inventory-as-a-Service.
    - We provide your school with access to a documentation portal that maintains all of your technology information, including username, passwords, configurations, Erate documentation, and how-to guides.

  • We take the headache out of technology planning and management and allow you to run your school more effectively

    - We provide technology plans and roadmaps for the next 3-5 years.
    - We provide turnkey construction technology solutions for any school looking to move or add new locations. These services include network design, low voltage wiring, equipment budgeting, and scaled technology drawings to meet your pre-, during, and post-construction needs.
    - We offer flexible pricing to meet your organization's budget.

  • We offer top-notch customer service and guaranteed response times

    - We guarantee that a live person will answer or return your call within 15 minutes.
    - We don't point fingers when technology problems happen. We are the "one neck to choke."
    - We don't close tickets until our clients are satisfied that the service is performed to their satisfaction - not the satisfaction of our techs.

  • We help with finding funding sources for your technology needs

    We are experts in Erate and help you manage your Erate process pre-470 release.

  • We help your school stay compliant with local, state, and federal laws

    - We provide a complete cyber security solution for schools that make sure you are compliant with your insurance and federal and state regulations.
    - We provide compliance solutions that meet the standards set forth by the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA), HIPPA, and PCI.