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Important Update for New York Schools: NYSED Comprehensive Data Security Reviews

In NYS Law 2-D, Compliance, Cybersecurity, Technology Reviews by Kendra Webb-Scott

The New York State Education Department’s Information Security Office (NYSED) has announced a significant initiative that will affect all Local Education Agencies (LEAs) across the state. NYSED will begin a thorough examination of the data security measures currently employed by schools. This initiative aims to bolster the overall security framework of LEAs, ensuring that student and staff data are adequately …

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Suspect Your Computer Has Been Hacked? Do These 5 Things Now!

In Cybersecurity by admin

As leaders in K-12 education, the security of your school’s digital environment is paramount. Vigilance against cyber threats protects school operations and ensures compliance with strict student data privacy laws such as FERPA and New York State Education Law 2-D. The initial reaction when you suspect your computer or network has been compromised is to panic. However, swift response to …

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April 2nd Webinar: Secure Student Data and Ensure Email Compliance with Trustifi

In Email by Kendra Webb-Scott

In today’s digital-first education landscape, safeguarding student data and achieving compliance with federal and state regulations like FERPA and NYS Ed Law 2-D are paramount. This concise guide offers insights into the cyber threats targeting educational institutions, outlines strategies for robust data protection, and highlights how Trustifi’s email security solution empowers schools to meet these challenges head-on, regardless of their …

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Federal Laws that Protect Student Data

In Compliance, Education by admin

In the digital age, the protection of student data has become a paramount concern for K-12 school leaders. As educational institutions increasingly incorporate technology into their curricula, they also inherit the responsibility of safeguarding their students’ privacy. To navigate this complex landscape, it’s crucial for educators to be well-versed in the federal laws designed to protect student data. This article …

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What K-12 School Leaders Should Know About OpenAI’s Chat GPT

In AI by Ken Nero

Recently, we wondered what K-12 school leaders should know about Open AI’s ChatGPT. So, we asked it. Here is its answer. K-12 principals and executive directors should be aware of several key aspects when considering or implementing OpenAI’s ChatGPT in an educational setting. Here are some important considerations: 1. Data Privacy and Security – Understand how ChatGPT processes and handles …

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LIVE WEBINAR ON 2/29: NYSED Information Security Office Data Security Review

In Compliance, NYS Law 2-D, Webinar by Ken Nero

Did you know that on January 16, 2024 NYSED announced it will be conducting comprehensive reviews to assess what data security controls schools have in place to protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of students, faculty, and staff? As part of our ongoing commitment to data security in education, IKON Edutech Group invites you to join us for an informative …

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NYSED Website Privacy Monitoring: 10 Easy Pitfalls to Avoid

In NYS Law 2-D, Compliance by Kendra Webb-Scott

In 2023, NYSED’s Office of Data Privacy & Security monitored the websites of 115 school districts and 5 charter schools, finding that most of these organizations were eager to comply with privacy requirements and provide the necessary information to parents and eligible students. However, in their enthusiasm, some schools and districts overloaded their websites with excess information by including links …

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5 New Cybersecurity Threats Impacting K-12 Schools: Are You Prepared?

In Cybersecurity, AI, Compliance by Ken Nero

In an era where education relies heavily on technology, K-12 schools find themselves at the forefront of potential cybersecurity threats. As school leaders, it’s crucial to stay informed about the evolving landscape of cyber threats to protect students, staff, and sensitive data. In this article, we’ll explore five emerging cybersecurity challenges and discuss strategies to ensure your school is well-prepared. …

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How an Overlooked Setting on Your iPhone Can Protect Your Private Information

In Apple, Cybersecurity by Ken Nero

Apple’s Stolen Device Protection in iOS 17.3 Adds Extra Layer of Protection  “How can you safeguard your hard-earned savings, years of cherished memories captured in photos, and all other aspects of your digital existence? It’s as simple as activating a newly introduced option hidden within the settings menu of your iPhone.” Apple’s recent release of iOS 17.3 introduces several enhancements …