IBG Cloud Backup Solution

Backup Your Data, and Restore Peace of Mind

Backing up data should be #1 on every organization’s checklist. In our 20 years of servicing clients, we’ve found that this is an often neglected responsibility left entirely to the IT department to manage. Often most business do not test restores or even know what the most critical data is that should be backed up. IKON Cloud backup solution makes it easy for organizations to backup and restore important data.

How It Works…

  • IKON first installs an agent software on the server or desktop which needs to be backed up
  • Files and data are selected
  • Files are encrypted and transferred over the internet to our data center backup facility
  • Users are alerted daily of backup successes and failures
  • Control panel access allows users to manage their files

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Multiple OS supported Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Virtualization supports VMware and Hyper
  • Email platform – Exchange, Lotus Notes
  • Database support – SQL, MYSQL, Oracle
  • Top of the line encryption 256, AES, TwoFish, Tripple DES, and 128bit SSL channel support
  • Data is replicated three times on our storage platform
  • Top-of-the-line compression
  • HIPAA and FINRA compliant
  • Dashboard to monitor and check on backups 
  • Flexible backup solution  
  • Automatic restart for missed backup jobs  
  • Local backup option  
  • 31 languages supported  
  • Help desk from 8am to 6pm and emergency service 
  • Alerts and notification on backups  
  • Ikon has adopted top-of-the-line technology and security on its platform. 
  • We have three levels of data redundancy.
  • We help you test restores on a recurring basis to make sure backups are functioning.
  • IBG provides top-level customer service and support to assist with your emergency, disaster recovery, and data needs. 
Data is stored in our colocation datacenter in Florida where top security and redundancy is in place.
  • UPS system is available for true redundancy and performance maintenance bypass on each UPS 
  • Multiple diesel generators (3) with automatic transfer switches on standby
  • 15,000-gallon diesel fuel tank to power the generator for several weeks.  
  • Reinforced concrete exterior walls 260 feet above ground 
  • RFID and biometrics checkpoints at all ingress and egress 
  • Carrier-neutral environment with access to multiple providers; AT&T, Level3, Time Warner, Sprint, Qwest and Verizon 

No. Your data is encrypted, and only you have the key. If you lose the key, your data is not retrievable