IBG Business Disaster Recovery

Keep Your Business Up and Running 24/7

Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other catastrophic events have become regular conditions in which businesses have to operate in. Making sure your IT system is designed to function in these conditions is critical. Many companies can’t afford to have their IT system down for days or just rely on standard backups.

Our BDR solution is designed to provide your business with a cost effective BDR solution to keep your business up and running 24/7 no matter what type of emergency. The cornerstone of our solution is Cloud technology to allow your organization to have uptime regardless of any premises-based event, including power outages, loss of facility access, destruction of property, and more.

Business Challenges presented by not having a proper BDR solution…

  • Legal compliance for specific industries
  • Downtime 
  • Loss of business
  • Loss of productivity
  • Tarnished business reputation
  • Real-time replication and data backup
  • Dedicated support agents
  • Monitoring and protection for applications, databases, servers and endpoints
  • First, IKON engineers review your current IT setup and document configuration and inventory application use.
  • Next, we perform optimization for BDR.
  • Once a replication site is built on IKON Cloud, we then install software to allow continuous replication to a BDR cloud server.
  • Documentation is developed to provide your business with the proper procedures if you have to work from another location.
  • The system is monitored for continuous operation by IKON support staff.
  • Staff is alerted if any out-of-service condition is triggered.