IBG Cloud Phone Services

VoIP Solutions to Empower Your Organization

Even with all of the recent advances in web technology and social media, phones still remain one of the most important tools used in conducting business. Yet there’s a tendency for organizations to take their phone systems for granted.

Here are a few of the features offered by IBG’s Cloud Phone Service:

    • Automated Attendant Services
    • Business Intelligence
    • Call Coverage
    • Integration with PCs and Other Applications
    • Conferencing
    • Voice Mail and Messaging
    • Instant Messaging
    • Files Sharing
    • Presence and Video Conferencing
    • Phonebooks, Directories, and Call Logs
    • Telecom Administration & Portability

Business benefits of IBG’s VoIP Solution…

  • Project the Right Image

    The fact is, many of your clients, prospects, and strategic partners, interact with you and your staff on the phone more than on your website or other tools. What does your current phone system say about you? Are sales people calling prospects and existing clients on their personal cell phones? Is it easy for callers to be routed to the proper departments from your auto-attendant? Is your staff directory up-to-date? Is your hold music tailored to offer information about your company? Do you have excellent sound quality? Do customers get busy signals or experience long wait times? IBG’s Cloud Phone Service provides a whole slew of advanced features, including easy programming of directory assistance, custom hold music, softphones and mobile phone integration.

  • Keep Operations Intact

    Running a business is often a 24/7 operation. Customers often will not tolerate any downtime in reaching your organization. If a disaster strikes, leaving you and your staff without access to your facility, how would you operate and stay in touch with your clients? With IBG’s Cloud Phone Service, the brains of your phone system aren’t located at your site. Instead, it’s housed at a secure, redundant data center, maximizing uptime and ensuring users are always able to receive and make phone calls.

  • Empower Your Mobile Workforce

    Today’s business environment places increased focus on having people work from anywhere. Whether they are commuting, visiting a client site, attending a conference, or working remotely, your users require the same communication features and benefits as when they are working from the office. Softphones and mobile phone integration allows anyone to work from anywhere seamlessly. Use Find-Me/Follow-Me features to forward calls to a different phone, program ringing on multiple phones and much more to customize how your clients and staff can reach you.

  • Grow and Scale

    If you are hosting your own email or using a web provider, not having redundancy can cause a loss of productivity or your entire business if a natural disaster occurs.