Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Schools

How to Make Cybersecurity Awareness Second Nature for Your K-12 School

In Cybersecurity by Ken Nero

In order to be effective, your school’s cybersecurity program has to start from the top-down and include all employees. It’s no longer enough to depend entirely on your IT department to jump in to the rescue whenever there’s a breach. It’s imperative to have strong security policies in place that are well-thought-out and clearly documented and clearly and simply explained to your staff through comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training.

It’s up to you to implement regular security training for all staff members so that your school can stand up against cyber threats and minimize classroom disruptions. Consistent training goes a long way in creating a cybersecurity-focused culture within your organization and makes cybersecurity awareness second nature for everyone.

Cybercriminals are posed to target your sensitive data at any moment, but the calculated decision-making and quick response of a staff thoroughly trained in cybersecurity awareness can effectively block those threats.

The Importance of a Cybersecurity Culture in Today’s School Environment

The stats below help shed light on why cybersecurity awareness training is essential in today’s threat landscape:

  1. Human errors are the cause of 23% of data breaches.
  2. More than 35% have no idea about ransomware.
  3. Almost 25% of employees have clicked on malicious links without confirming the sender’s identity.

The purpose of fostering a security-focused culture is to encourage positive security habits amongst staff members. In fact, a habit as simple as locking your computer screen when leaving a laptop or workstation unattended can prevent data from being accessed by unauthorized users. Once employees are properly trained, they will be more aware of your school’s cybersecurity policies and will view it as their responsibility as well.

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