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Unlock 2$00M in Cybersecurity Funding from USAC

Unlock $200M in Funding for Your School with USAC’s Cybersecurity Pilot Program

Schools and libraries have increasingly become prime targets for cybersecurity attacks. Malicious actors seek to steal personal information, compromise online accounts, and disrupt critical networks that provide essential broadband connectivity. To combat these threats, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has launched the Schools and Libraries Cybersecurity Pilot Program.

What is the Schools and Libraries Cybersecurity Pilot Program?

The three-year Pilot Program, administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) with oversight from the FCC, aims to gather data on how universal service funds can support the cybersecurity needs of schools and libraries. The program allocates up to $200 million to eligible schools and libraries to cover the costs of essential cybersecurity services and equipment.

Key Program Details

Eligibility: Schools, libraries, and consortia of these entities are eligible to apply.

Funding: Up to $200 million is available to support cybersecurity initiatives.

Application Process: The application involves a two-part process using the newly created FCC Form 484.

  • Part One: Applicants provide information about their school, library, or consortium and outline the type of cybersecurity services and equipment they need.
  • Part Two: Selected participants will submit more detailed information about their cybersecurity requirements.

Selection Criteria: The FCC will prioritize applications from entities with the greatest need, ensuring a diverse array of participants.

How IKON Edutech Group Can Help

IKON Edutech Group is here to support you through the application process with our expertise in K-12 technology solutions. We offer a free Cybersecurity Audit to help you identify your needs and strengthen your application. Our personalized support ensures that you can take full advantage of the FCC’s Pilot Program.

Stay Informed and Get Started

To stay updated on the Pilot Program:

  • Training: USAC and the FCC will provide comprehensive training to guide applicants through the selection and application process. Additional training will be available for program participants on competitive bidding, funding applications, and reimbursement processes.
  • Resources: Sign up for Pilot Program emails and visit the FCC’s Schools and Libraries Cybersecurity Pilot Program website for the latest information.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your school’s cybersecurity infrastructure with the support of the FCC and IKON Edutech Group. Contact us today to schedule your free Cybersecurity Audit and start your application process. Together, we can protect your educational institution from cyber threats and ensure a safe digital environment for your students and staff.

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