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Disaster Recovery Planning


Don't even think about creating a technology plan before you see this!

Businesses are sometimes faced with weather-related events or other catastrophes that can wipe out access to their facilities and severely impact operations. The best way to mitigate these risks is to develop a comprehensive recovery plan ahead of time that allows your business to stay intact during an emergency or disaster.

If disaster were to strike tomorrow, how would your staff make and receive phone calls? How would you access vital company data and applications?

IBG has consistently developed effective disaster recovery and business continuity plans for the past 15 years. For some of our clients (like Citigroup and other financial service institutions) disaster recovery planning is mandatory due to regulatory compliance requirements. Other clients simply want the peace of mind in knowing that their businesses can remain functional under any scenario. No matter the case, we strive to build redundancy and business continuity into each layer of a customer’s network design as well as within all of our best practices.

Many of our solutions are based on cloud technology. By standardizing on a non-premises based infrastructure, organizations are not limited by a physical space. Our cloud infrastructure is located in geographically diverse data centers spread across the United States. Each facility has backup power, multiple Internet connections, and redundant networks and servers. This design allows your organization to work from anywhere and on any device for its voice and data needs. Whether your staff is working from home or a temporary office space, they can always critical data and applications on-demand.