Technology Funding Sources for Charter & Independent Schools

From E-rate to ESSA: Key Technology Grants Every Charter and Independent School Should Know

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Navigating the complex landscape of technology funding is crucial for enhancing educational outcomes. With technology playing an integral role in modern education, securing the right grants can transform your school’s learning environment. Here, we’ll guide you through various funding sources that can empower your school with the latest technological advancements.

Learning Technology Grant (LTG)

The Learning Technology Grant program focuses on improving student achievement and teacher effectiveness by integrating technology into teaching and learning processes. Eligible schools must demonstrate how they will use technology to promote innovative teaching practices and enhance student engagement. The grant encourages projects that support professional development, create digital content, and foster collaborative learning environments.

Smart School Bond Act

The Smart School Bond Act provides significant funding for schools to invest in educational technology and infrastructure. This includes purchasing interactive whiteboards, upgrading broadband connectivity, and building modern learning spaces. Schools need to submit a Smart Schools Investment Plan outlining how they will use these funds to improve educational services and student outcomes.

E-rate Program

The E-rate program, administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company, offers discounts to assist schools and libraries in obtaining affordable telecommunications and internet access. It covers a portion of the costs for broadband connectivity, network equipment, and maintenance services. Schools must comply with the program’s competitive bidding process and prioritize services based on their specific needs.

Resource to Funding for Educational Technology

This comprehensive resource provides a list of funding opportunities specifically for educational technology initiatives. It includes grants, awards, and other financial aids available at both state and federal levels. School leaders can find tailored information to support their technology integration projects, from purchasing devices to implementing digital literacy programs.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Title IV, Part A

ESSA Title IV, Part A aims to support schools in providing a well-rounded education, including integrating technology to improve teaching and learning. The funds can be used for a variety of purposes such as developing STEM programs, supporting digital literacy, and enhancing instructional technology. Schools must show how these funds will help meet their academic goals and improve student outcomes.

Charter School Growth Fund

The Charter School Growth Fund offers scale grants to high-performing charter schools to expand their reach and impact. While these grants primarily focus on operational growth, they can also support the enhancement of technology infrastructure and digital learning tools. Charter schools applying for this fund should demonstrate successful academic results and a clear plan for scaling their successful models.

COPS Grant for School Safety

The COPS grant is designed to improve security at schools through funding for various safety measures, including technology-based solutions. Schools can use these funds to install surveillance cameras, emergency communication systems, and other security technologies. By enhancing physical security, schools can create a safer learning environment for students and staff.

Nonprofit Security Grant Program

The Nonprofit Security Grant Program provides funding to nonprofit organizations, including private schools, to bolster their security measures against potential terrorist attacks. This includes upgrading physical security equipment, implementing surveillance systems, and conducting safety training. Schools eligible for this program must demonstrate a risk of terrorist threats and outline how the grant will improve their security posture.

Summary of K-12 Technology Grants

Funding SourceDescriptionEligibility RequirementsWebsite
Learning Technology GrantSupports the integration of technology into teaching and learning to improve student achievement.K-12 schools demonstrating innovative teaching practices and student engagement with technology.
Smart School Bond ActProvides funds for technology and infrastructure enhancements in schools.Schools need to submit a Smart Schools Investment Plan outlining intended uses.
E-rate ProgramOffers discounts to help schools obtain affordable telecommunications and internet access.Schools and libraries complying with a competitive bidding process and prioritizing services.
Resource to FundingLists various funding opportunities for educational technology initiatives.Schools looking for state and federal financial aids for technology projects.
Every Student Succeeds ActSupports a well-rounded education, including technology integration, to improve teaching and learning.Schools aiming to enhance instructional technology and meet academic goals.
Charter School Growth FundOffers grants to expand high-performing charter schools, including technology enhancements.High-performing charter schools with a clear plan for scaling their model.
COPS GrantFunds security measures in schools, including technology-based solutions.Schools looking to enhance security with technology and other measures.
Nonprofit Security Grant ProgramProvides funding to nonprofit organizations, including private schools, for security enhancements.Nonprofit organizations, including private schools, at risk of terrorist threats.

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