How to Fund School Safety Upgrades

How K-12 Schools Can Fund Safety Upgrades

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In today’s world, enhancing physical security in schools is not just a priority—it’s a necessity. Whether responding to new laws like Alyssa’s Law or upgrading old, ineffective technology, schools face a big challenge: finding the funds for these important safety updates. At IKON Edutech Group, we specialize in helping K-12 schools integrate advanced safety solutions effectively and affordably.

Preparing for Physical Security Upgrades

Before you start looking for funding, you need to know exactly what your school needs. Conduct a detailed review of your current security systems. Identify any weak spots, such as old analog cameras or inadequate emergency communication systems. Knowing exactly what you need helps you make a stronger case when you apply for grants.

Also, involve key stakeholders like teachers, parents, and local police early on. Their input can not only improve your planning but also strengthen your grant applications by showing a united commitment to student safety.

Navigating State-Level School Safety Grants

State grants can be a major source of funding for security upgrades in schools. These grants vary by state and can be competitive, but don’t worry—IKON Edutech Group is here to help. We can clarify what grants are available in your state and help you match your school’s needs to the right funding opportunities.

Leveraging Federal Funds for School Safety

  • School Violence Prevention Program (SVPP) – The SVPP provides funds to help schools buy equipment and technology to prevent violent incidents. Use this funding to update your surveillance and access control systems for real-time monitoring and quicker responses.
  • STOP School Violence Program – This program supports projects that develop and use proven strategies to enhance school safety. The funds cover training, technology, and other activities aimed at preventing violence.
  • Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Funds – These funds are usually for urgent needs like pandemic responses but can also be used for safety improvements. They offer flexible support for wide-ranging security upgrades.
  • Stronger Connections Grant Program – Focused on fostering safer and more supportive learning environments, this grant helps schools install advanced security technologies. These systems can detect and react to various threats, enhancing overall safety.
  • Non-Profit Security Grant Program – Provides funding support for facility hardening and other physical security enhancements and activities to nonprofit organizations (including private schools) that are at high risk of terrorist attack.

IKON Edutech Group: Your Partner in Implementation

Implementing new technology can seem overwhelming. That’s where IKON Edutech Group comes in. We do more than recommend top technology solutions. We ensure they integrate smoothly with your current systems. Our team makes sure your new security technologies are not just installed but optimized for your specific educational setting.

How We Can Help

Our team provides end-to-end support—from assessing your needs and drafting grant applications to installing and fine-tuning your new systems. We ensure your security upgrades meet both grant requirements and your school’s specific needs.


Finding funding for school safety upgrades is key to creating a safer educational environment. With the right preparation, access to state and federal funds, and support from experts like IKON Edutech Group, your school can effectively manage the financial and technical aspects of security upgrades. Let’s work together to not only secure your school but also ensure it’s a place where students and staff feel safe and supported. Ready to start? Let’s make it happen, together.