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IBG vs. Competition

Demonstrated Expertise

IBG engineers have a wealth of experience working with organizations of all sizes spread across diverse industries. We apply best practices and top-of-the-line technology to designing, installing and maintaining our clients’ IT systems.

Attentive customer service with a human touch is our biggest strength, and we aim to make sure your experience with us is always pleasant. Whether it’s over the phone, online, or in person, we want our clients to enjoy every interaction they have with us.

See How Ikon Stacks Up…

IBG Competition
Offers Free Trials yes no
PRICING Inclusive pricing yes maybe
Flexible pricing yes no
No contract required yes no
IMPLEMENTATION Dedicated Project Plan and Project Manager yes maybe
Kick off meeting to discuss project deliverables yes no
Dedicated Engineer during project install yes maybe
Post meeting and survey to discuss project satisfaction yes no
30 days warranty on any install yes no
ON-GOING SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE Monitoring of Network and Servers yes maybe
Dedicated Support Representative yes no
Helpdesk yes maybe
24/7 Support yes no
Recurring Technology Plan and Scoring yes no
Recurring Reporting /Review yes maybe
Automated Ticket Opening yes maybe
Automated Notifications to Engineering Team on Open Tickets yes no
Automated Escalations and Notifications yes maybe
Recurring Onsite Visits yes maybe
Customer Portal to Open Issues yes maybe
Customized Service Level agreements yes no
Other Update and Technology Briefings yes no
Knowledge base yes no