IKON Cares

What We Do

IBG’s core mission is to provide students in disadvantaged neighborhoods with early exposure and access to technology. We believe that by the age of 7, all children should be able to write and debug simple code and explain the basics of how a computing device works. IBG will allocate 10 percent of all revenue to fund the K-12 Education Technology Stack through IKON Cares. A dollar spent with IKON Business Group is an investment back into a child’s future.

How We Do It

IBG has created a methodology called the K-12 Education Technology Stack which provides exposure, excitement, and training from the pre-K to 12th-grade levels. IBG has created a non-profit called IKON Cares that works with educational institutions to execute these initiatives. IKON Cares helps with raising money, specifications, procurement, training, and support in implementing new technology within the classroom.

“It’s often a challenge for teachers to create engaging projects that feel relevant to students. With IKON’s help, we were able to bring in a first-class robotics program that the kids loved. Applying the concepts they learned in the classroom to create a physical object that they could see and touch really ignited their passion for learning and gave them a better grasp of the material. It was a success for everyone involved, and I would highly recommend other schools partner with IKON Cares.”- Kevin Williams, Bronx Better Learning
IBG works with schools to raise money while infusing Smartboards, Tablets and Smart Tables into the current curriculum to allow a more interactive experience combined with Broadband Access.
Kindergarten students are introduced to the parts of a computer and how they work. The goal is to make the children feel comfortable operating a computer by exploring various age appropriate websites and software and developing mouse and basic keyboarding skills. Computers are also used to reinforce their classroom curriculum, and kids are introduced to a programming language called Scratch which helps them learn to think like programmers.
Students continue to increase their programming abilities with Scratch by working on projects which continue to build on their creativity and reasoning skills while working collaboratively.
Students start working on more advanced programming languages such as Ruby/Python. Kids are also introduced to basic networking and cloud technology. In-school and after-school programs/clubs are developed to teach kids about Robotics using popular curricula such as Lego Robotics.
Students are focused on more advanced programming languages, networking, and building their own applications. Incubators are also established to assist kids in building their own businesses based on their created Intellectual Property (“IP”). High School students are also eligible for internship programs either through IBG or our affiliates to help them gain valuable experience within the technology sector. Students are also encouraged to get certifications based on interest (networking, application development, QA testing, database development, web front-end and back-end, and cloud technology).