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Enhancing School Safety by Choosing the Right Video Security System

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Investigating campus-related incidents is a challenge for most K-12 schools. But a good physical security system can easily mitigate theft, vandalism, bullying, and vaping

We are excited to invite you to a joint webinar hosted by IKON Business Group and Verkada, a leading provider of video security systems. IKON & Verkada work hand-in-hand to provide technology & security systems built for today’s learning environment. Our experts will share insights and best practices on how to use video surveillance systems to improve school safety. We’ll discuss the latest advancements in technology, implementation strategies, and benefits of these systems for K-12 schools.

Here’s 5 reasons you should watch:

  1. Learn about the latest advancements in video surveillance technology and how they can help enhance school safety.
  2. Understand the importance of video surveillance systems in K-12 schools and how they can help deter violence, reduce bullying, and promote a safer learning environment.
  3. Get insights on how to implement video surveillance systems effectively in your school, including considerations for privacy and data protection.
  4. Hear about real-world success stories of schools that have implemented these systems and the impact they have had on improving safety and security.
  5. Have the opportunity to ask questions and get expert advice from Verkada and IKON Business Group’s experienced professionals.

Our Speakers

Ken Nero CEO

CEO, IKON Business Group

Brendan Kane

Channel Sales Manager, Verkada