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LIVE WEBINAR: Thursday, 3/16 @ 11am EST

You’ve Applied for E-Rate Funding… Now What?

Crucial steps you should take to ensure your application is processed successfully and that your school receives the funding it needs.

Filing Form 470 for E-rate funding is a crucial step for schools that need financial assistance to support their technology and telecommunications needs. However, many people are not fully aware of what to do after submitting their application.  During this webinar, we will discuss the essential steps you should take after submitting Form 470  to ensure that you are in compliance with E-Rate regulations and to avoid any potential issues. Our team of experts will be sharing valuable insights and tips on how to manage the post-application process and what steps to take to make sure you get the most out of your E-Rate funding.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to respond to any questions regarding your application and handle any requests for additional information
  • Signing your Funding Commitment Letter and filing FCC Form 486
  • Tips for submitting invoices and receiving reimbursements
  • Best practices for creating and maintaining an E-rate binder to organize and maintain accurate records of your E-rate activities
  • Practical tips for staying compliant with program requirements

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from our team of experts. Register for our webinar today, and take the first step towards effectively managing your e-rate funding.

Our Speakers

Ken Nero CEO

CEO, IKON Business Group

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