Our 7-Step Process

IKON's networking team incorporates industry best practices in designing and upgrading your network. Below is a breakdown of the 7-step process we follow:

  1. Analyze existing business challenges
  2. Outline current and future business needs
  3. Identify critical business applications
  4. Select network vendor based on cost and performance
  5. Design and test network configuration in IBGs test labs to ensure delivery on SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  6. Implement the new design with zero business interruption
  7. Monitor and on-going to maintain optimal performance

When designing a network, IBG applies the following criteria to ensure optimal performance:

  • Redundancy

    Making sure there are no single points of failure

  • Survivability

    Maintaining maximum network connectivity and quality of service under failure conditions

  • Forecasting

    Estimating the expected traffic intensity and traffic load that the network must support

  • Security

    Protecting the company from data breach using a multi-level approach we call Onion Skin. IKON Business Group provides network security at the perimeter host and workstation levels using intrusion detection and alert systems. In addition, routine observation of network equipment logs and setting triggers allow us to provide top-notch network security.