Don’t Let Your School Become a Cybercrime Statistic

In Cybersecurity, Education by Ken Nero

There are some records that you don’t want to be a part of setting, like this year’s expected record number of new data breaches. Keep cybercriminals out of your school and your pockets when you make smart cybersecurity choices.

Answering the following questions can help you determine just how vulnerable you are. Are you…

  • Using multifactor authentication to keep hackers out?
  • Reducing your access points with single sign-on (SSO)?
  • Utilizing secure shared password vaults for sensitive credentials?
  • Securing your remote staff properly?
  • Watching for dark web credential compromise surprises?
  • Running phishing simulation training at least quarterly?
  • Making security awareness training mandatory for all staff?
  • Improving your school’s cyber resilience with layered security?
  • Following cybersecurity best practices and maintaining compliance?
  • Reviewing and practicing your cybersecurity incident response plan?

If you can’t check off every box on this list, you’re in danger of a data breach.

Click the link below to download a complimentary ransomware checklist: