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Video & Web Conferencing


Don't even think about creating a technology plan before you see this!

In today’s globalized business environment, the need to build strong relationships with partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors and customers is more important than ever. High-quality video and web conferencing solutions from IBG enable you to communicate as effectively as actually being there in person, helping you build the engaging relationships you need for success. IBG enables simple, frequent, quality interactions from wherever you are. Click through the following list for a few reasons why your organization should embrace video and web conferencing solutions from IBG:

The single most compelling reason to install technology is increased productivity. Over the last 50 years, technology has enabled businesses to move from local shops to global entities. However amazing these technologies have been, there has been a cost—the human connection. Video conferencing enables you to make and maintain that human connection, regardless of distance.

For a long time, video conferencing was considered an elite and costly technology, exclusive to the enterprise—not something that the average business could afford or make use of. Times have certainly changed, and today, thousands of small- to medium-sized businesses with limited resources are benefiting from this technology.

With the expectation of being available 24/7, finding the perfect work/life balance can be tough. From the daily commute, to weekly meetings at the office and frequent client visits, it can feel like you’re always on the road. Hosting even some of your meetings over video can help you go around the world, so to speak, and be home in time for dinner!

Deploying video and web conferencing no longer requires a huge investment. Virtualization and more sophisticated software allows you to start small with your video strategy and scale as you need it.

Ask most frequent flyers, and they’ll tell you that the travel experience has definitely been on the decline over the past several years while prices have continuously gone up. You want your travel to be cost-effective as well as convenient. But even the shortest of flights can seem like a hassle. Video and web conferencing enable instant communication without the headache.

Fire, flood, earthquakes, and other natural or manmade disasters can wreak havoc on an organization and its communications. Statistics show that 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either close up shop within 18 months. Video conferencing helps you stay connected and help ensure that your business stays up and running even when you can’t get into the office.

These days, nearly everyone carries a laptop or smartphone, which makes mobile video and web conferencing easier and more accessible than ever. IBG is pushing video closer to ubiquitous adoption by making it easily accessible to anyone, anywhere. Go to the newest online slots review site for amazing bonuses and promotions.

In the past, customers and suppliers were usually located in the same town; today, it’s more likely that they’re spread across the country, or in a different part of the world. Video helps bridge the gap between distances and provides a more human touch to your communications.