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5 Ways to Protect Your School or District from a Cybersecurity Attack


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According to recent data breach reports, the education sector ranked sixth overall in the US for the total number of reported “security incidents” this past year. Education systems have access to tens of millions of records on children and young adults, making them perfect targets for identity theft. Yet most schools are ill-prepared to face the mounting threats posed by hackers. This webinar will teach you the important steps you can take to protect your organization’s data.

Learn the one tactic alone that decreased a school’s risk of attack by 72%…

Can you really afford to take chances with your school’s critical data? On this informative webinar, we’ll arm you with the tools you need to keep your students and staff safe.

Is Your Organization at Risk?

Cyber attacks are seen as likely to increase because they have been so successful at targeting high-profile organizations and individuals. Here are the top cybersecurity threats facing organizations in 2017.

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