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How to Use Your E-Rate Binder to Maintain Compliance & Pass an Audit

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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Did you know that E-Rate can go back through your records for the last 10 years during an audit?

The E-Rate program and its processes can be complicated and confusing. Rules change annually, and the government has recently increased funding during the pandemic which will likely trigger a higher number of audits in the coming year.

The number one key to a successful E-Rate audit is to be organized and compliant. It’s vital that you keep all of your important documents well-organized and easily accessible. This webinar will teach you how to get the most out of your E-Rate binder and the important steps you must take to ensure your school is prepared for an audit.

Get the most out of your E-Rate binder, and learn the important steps you need to take to prepare your school for an audit.