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Important Technology Considerations to Make Before You Apply for E-Rate

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Good technology planning helps you get the most bang for your E-Rate bucks!

Technology planning is an important – yet often overlooked – part of the E-Rate process. Proper planning before filing Form 470 allows school leaders and IT staff to identify the key areas where technology can have the most valuable impact on students and faculty. It also provides a chance to address and resolve any existing technology challenges and avoid misuse and waste of E-Rate funds.

This information-packed webinar will cover the important technology considerations you should make during the planning process, including:

  • How to accurately calculate how much internet bandwidth your school needs
  • How to take compliance requirements into consideration such as CIPA and FERPA
  • How to conduct a proper inventory and assessment of your current hardware and software
  • How to establish clear goals and a realistic strategy for using  technology to enhance the learning environment
  • How to construct a professional development strategy to ensure your staff knows the best way to make use of new technology
  • How to monitor technology effectiveness and make mid-course corrections as neede