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How to Create a Technology Plan for K-12 Schools

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Technology planning for schools can often be a difficult, drawn-out, and confusing process... but that shouldn’t be the case!

Rather than implementing technology in an ad-hoc manner – and risk wasting valuable time and resources – it’s important for school leaders and their IT staff to perform their proper due diligence in putting a technology plan in place ahead of time.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the keys to creating a successful technology plan, including:

  1. Identifying the key stakeholders that should be a part of your technology planning committee
  2. Outlining your school’s vision, priorities and student learning goals and identifying the technology solutions that can help you achieve them
  3. Evaluating your current technology environment, taking inventory of the current hardware and software systems in place, and identifying any potential issues and areas for improvement
  4. Understanding and defending against cybersecurity risks
  5. Maintaining adherence to compliance mandates, such as CIPA, FERPA and ADA
  6. Creating a budget and timeline for implementing technology and identifying potential funding sources
  7. Finding the right technology vendors that align with your needs and budget

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