Education Solutions

Committed to Helping K-12 Schools Succeed

IBG is committed to helping schools succeed through the use of technology.
In addition, our non-profit, IKON Cares helps with raising money, specifications, procurement, training, and support in implementing new technology within the class room.

IBG’s solutions for K-12 include the following:

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    Chromebooks, Macs and Windows Devices

    IBG can help deploy devices for one-to-one or one-to-many programs

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    Professional Development

    IBG can provide training on Office 365 and Google Docs for teachers and staff

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    IT Support Services

    Help Desk, Remote Support & On-Site Support

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    Cyber Security Services

    IBG can help protect your network from threats and viruses

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    New Construction Technology Plans

    IBG can assist your organization in adding additional space and/or buildings

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    STEM Incubator

    IBG can assist in implementing after-school program focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

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    IBG can help schools with fundraising through our virtual reality partnership with Pretend Labs