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Summer Tech Checklist for K-12 Schools: Maximizing the Break for a Seamless School Year

Summer break offers an invaluable window of opportunity for technology directors in K-12 schools to plan and execute essential tech projects. At IKON Edutech Group, we understand the importance of utilizing this time efficiently to ensure your school’s technology infrastructure is primed and ready for the new academic year. Here’s a comprehensive checklist to guide […]

Upgrade Your Network And Quickly Experience These 4 Amazing Benefits

Upgrade Your Network

If you work in education, you’ve probably adapted to a number of technology changes over the years. As you inch closer to the end of the school year, it’s time to figure out what still needs to be done. One of those potential changes might be an upgrade to your network infrastructure. When you look […]

How K-12 Schools Can Quickly Eliminate Tech Problems

Blog - How K-12 Schools Can Quickly Eliminate Tech Problems

Now more than ever, we depend on technology to run our schools and our lives. When the “internet goes down,” most schools are at a standstill until they are back online, costing precious learning time. It’s not just the BIG problems but things like file access, password protection, being able to print and recovering files […]