IKON Announces ISP SNIFF Service

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The team at IKON is pleased to announce our ISP SNIFF Service.

IKON’s ISP SNIFF Service allows us to search for Internet Service Providers in your areas and request a bid for services based on your school’s specific needs and selection criteria. We offer this service free of charge to K-12 schools. In addition, we will help you determine which services will require additional construction fees – which is normally a hidden cost that schools are often unaware of until installation time.

Remember not all Internet Service Providers are created equal. Let our team do the leg work to
find you the right solution at the right price. Our ISP Sniff Service can help you:

  • Maintain compliance with E-rate bidding
  • Find the best Internet Service Provider in your area
  • Determine the highest bandwidth available in your area
  • Generate instant pricing

Traditionally, schools file a request for internet services on their E-rate 470 documentation. The ISPs then respond to the bid, and most schools wind up simply choosing the lowest bid rather than choosing the solution that is truly best for their organization. And hidden fees can often make the chosen solution more expensive in the long run than other options.


If you’re interested in our new service offering, all you have to do is contact our SNIFF department BEFORE you file your 470, and we will do a free search to determine the best providers and send over any quotes. Once you file your 470 and 471, just choose one of the providers from the quotes you’ve received, and you’re done. It’s that simple!