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LIVE WEBINAR ON 2/29: NYSED Information Security Office Data Security Review

Webinar - NYSED Data Security Review

Did you know that on January 16, 2024 NYSED announced it will be conducting comprehensive reviews to assess what data security controls schools have in place to protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of students, faculty, and staff? As part of our ongoing commitment to data security in education, IKON Edutech Group invites you to […]

NYSED Website Privacy Monitoring: 10 Easy Pitfalls to Avoid

NYSED Website Privacy Monitoring 10 Easy Pitfalls to Avoid

In 2023, NYSED’s Office of Data Privacy & Security monitored the websites of 115 school districts and 5 charter schools, finding that most of these organizations were eager to comply with privacy requirements and provide the necessary information to parents and eligible students. However, in their enthusiasm, some schools and districts overloaded their websites with […]

5 New Cybersecurity Threats Impacting K-12 Schools: Are You Prepared?

5 New Cybersecurity Threats Impacting K-12 Schools

In an era where education relies heavily on technology, K-12 schools find themselves at the forefront of potential cybersecurity threats. As school leaders, it’s crucial to stay informed about the evolving landscape of cyber threats to protect students, staff, and sensitive data. In this article, we’ll explore five emerging cybersecurity challenges and discuss strategies to […]

LIVE WEBINAR ON 10/17: Student Data Privacy Essentials for Schools

BLACC - IKON - Student Data Privacy Webinar

NYS Ed Law 2-D Compliance & Community Trust As we step into the fall season, educational agencies across New York State are gearing up for an important change. The New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) Privacy Office is set to launch a comprehensive monitoring program aimed at ensuring compliance with Education Law 2-d and the […]

Demystifying K–12 Student Data Privacy Laws: FERPA, CIPA, and More

Understanding FERPA, CIPA, Other K–12 Student Data Privacy Laws

Understanding FERPA, CIPA, Other K–12 Student Data Privacy Laws Protecting student data is paramount in today’s ever-evolving education landscape. With the increasing reliance on technology and cloud-based solutions in K–12 schools, understanding the intricacies of student data privacy laws is crucial. In this article, we’ll delve into the key aspects of laws like FERPA, CIPA, […]

Understanding the Role and Responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer

NYS Education Law 2-D - Data Protection Officer

The role of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is crucial in helping schools stay compliant with New York State Education Law 2-D and ensuring the privacy and security of student data. The DPO serves as the point of contact and expert on data protection matters within the educational institution. Here are some key responsibilities of […]

The Consequences of Non-Compliance with New York State Ed-Law 2D

Non-compliance with NYS-Education-Law-2D

Failure to comply with Education Law 2-D can lead to several consequences for schools. Here are some of the potential repercussions: It is crucial for schools to prioritize compliance with Education Law 2-D to avoid these potential consequences and protect the privacy and security of student data. Implementing robust data privacy practices and staying informed […]

NYS Education Law 2-D: Ensuring Compliance and Protecting Student Privacy

Compliance with NYS Education Law 2-D

As school leaders, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety and privacy of our students while leveraging the benefits of technology in the digital age. NYS Education Law 2-D was enacted to protect student data privacy and security in schools across New York State. In this article, we will provide you with an overview […]