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Beyond Security Cameras: How Advanced Tech Elevates Safety in K-12 School Environments

Enhancing Safety in K-12 Schools: Unveiling the Power of Modern Physical Security Technology In an era where the safety of our students and educators is of paramount importance, school leaders are constantly seeking innovative ways to fortify their institutions. One pivotal avenue that has gained prominence is the integration of modern physical security technology. However, […]

Department of Education Unveils New Guidelines on AI in Education

DOE Unveils New AI Guidelines

Navigating the AI Wave in Education: Insights from the DOE’s Report The arrival of ChatGPT last fall propelled generative artificial intelligence into the limelight, accelerating its development and applications. Within the K–12 realm, an air of anticipation is palpable. With AI making strides in education, schools are racing to establish best practices, policies, and practical […]

FCC Proposes New Funding Initiative for K–12 Cybersecurity

FCC Proproses New Cybersecurity Funding for K-12 Schools

The Federal Communications Commission’s chairwoman states that the program, valued at $200 million over three years, will operate independently from E-rate funding. FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel has recently unveiled a proposition for a pilot program spanning three years and amounting to $200 million. This initiative aims to provide funding for the integration of cybersecurity technologies […]

Understanding the Role and Responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer

NYS Education Law 2-D - Data Protection Officer

The role of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) is crucial in helping schools stay compliant with New York State Education Law 2-D and ensuring the privacy and security of student data. The DPO serves as the point of contact and expert on data protection matters within the educational institution. Here are some key responsibilities of […]

The Consequences of Non-Compliance with New York State Ed-Law 2D

Non-compliance with NYS-Education-Law-2D

Failure to comply with Education Law 2-D can lead to several consequences for schools. Here are some of the potential repercussions: It is crucial for schools to prioritize compliance with Education Law 2-D to avoid these potential consequences and protect the privacy and security of student data. Implementing robust data privacy practices and staying informed […]

Empowering Education with AI-Powered Learning Platforms: A Comprehensive Overview and Guide

AI-Powered Learning Platforms for K-12 Schools

Unleashing the Power of AI in Education In the fast-paced world of education, technological advancements have revolutionized the way we teach and learn. Among the most significant innovations are AI-powered learning platforms, which harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence to create personalized and dynamic learning experiences for students. In this article, we will provide an […]

Boost Your Productivity: Essential Gmail Shortcuts for Educators

Gmail Shortcuts for Educators

In the fast-paced world of K-12 education, time is precious. To help educators streamline their communication and enhance productivity, Gmail offers a range of helpful shortcuts. By mastering these time-saving techniques, teachers can focus more on teaching and less on managing their inbox.  Keep reading to explore essential Gmail shortcuts specifically tailored to the needs […]

If you’ve ever said this, you’re ASKING to be hacked!

Is your school asking to be hacked?

Want to know what every hacker hopes you believe? “We’re just a school…nobody wants to hack us.” This is the #1 reason why most schools get hacked. They dismiss the importance of IT security because they’re only a “school.” This is a lazy, irresponsible excuse. One thing is for certain: NO ONE is immune to […]

NYS Education Law 2-D: Ensuring Compliance and Protecting Student Privacy

Compliance with NYS Education Law 2-D

As school leaders, it is our responsibility to ensure the safety and privacy of our students while leveraging the benefits of technology in the digital age. NYS Education Law 2-D was enacted to protect student data privacy and security in schools across New York State. In this article, we will provide you with an overview […]

LIVE WEBINAR on 6/15: Tips for IT Budgeting

End-of-Year Technology Planning - Tips for IT Budgeting

As the academic year comes to a close, K-12 schools face the crucial task of planning their budgets for the upcoming year. For administrators and IT professionals, budgeting for technology can be particularly challenging due to the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology and its associated costs. In this blog post, we will explore some valuable […]